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Student Musician of the Month

About Sara

I have a lot of pets. I have a dog named Peaches, and our parakeets Buddy and Oreo really like to sing along when I have my lessons. Sometimes Peaches does a really good job on the double stops. We have a tortoise named Astro, a hamster named Rosie and two goldfish that are so old we forgot their names.

I won the practice-a-thon at my conservatory two years in a row, and for four years, I received superiors for violin solo at the Junior Music Festival.

I have been in two talent shows and I am in the school concert band, orchestra and jazz band with my violin. I am going into intermediate band with my clarinet.

I received a Professional Musician Award at the end of school.

At my sister's wedding I made $50 dollars, but my mom made me give it to my sister. But my sister gave it back to me.

I am going to audition for the CSUN Youth Symphony Orchestra pretty soon, and I have been practicing for that. I also want to learn how to play the electric violin.

Ever since I was little I've wanted to be a pediatric cardiologist so I can save children's lives, so I have plenty of work ahead.

I am the programmer on the Vex Robotics team at my school, and we won an AMAZE award on our first time competing because we were the only 6th grade team in a group of high school teams. The robotics teacher taught me how to ride a segway- it's really fun.

Favorite Songs to Play

Anton Dvorak is my favorite composer because his work has a lot of feeling. I like to play Oskar Rieding's Concerto in B Minor, Opus 35.


I like to make animals out of Sculpey and I sometimes sell them at school. My favorite TV show is The Simpsons, and my favorite movie is Fifty First Dates.

I love Tira Misu, which is an Italian cake and I like Fettuccine Alfredo with Scampi.



Age: 11
Grade: 7th
Instrument: Violin and                       Clarinet

Question of the Month

What are your most creative and successful practice strategies?

I use M&Ms or Skittles to count how many times I play a piece. Every time I play it correctly, I eat a candy. I start with 10, and when the candy is gone, I'm done practicing that piece.